Spray Tan Celebs

Spray Tan Celebs

Celebrities zien er ondanks hun druk schema en vele verplichtingen toch vaak uit of ze net terug zijn van een zon vakantie. De truc: spraytanning!


Bridal Spray Tan


Kim Kardashian

Sylvie Meis Spray Tan

Sylvie Meis

Cosmo Body Zomer 2015

Sylvie Meis in de Cosmopolitan Body Zomer Special: “Als je nog niet helemaal in shape bent, maar je hebt wel een vakantie gepland en gaat in bikini, dan zou ik altijd adviseren om een fake tan te gebruiken. Het is bewezen dat je met een kleurtje er slanker uitziet. Ga niet onder de zonnebank, dat doe ikzelf ook niet."

Magic Mike Film

What It's Like To Spray Tan The Cast Of Magic Mike XX

Yes, spray tanning Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, and Adam Rodriguez — the oft-half-naked and ridiculously ripped stars of the upcoming Magic Mike XXL — is an actual job, and a full-time “Seven Days A Week,” one at that. But, before you start giggling like a schoolgirl, and making double entendres, know that Felicia Linsky, the woman behind those bronzed, rock hard abs and glistening gluteal muscles, takes her job very seriously.

Victoria Secret Angels Spray Tan

Victoria Secret Modellen

How to Tan like a Victoria's Secret Angel

I tan the models a day or two before the show. However, some models opt to tan the day of the show. Once the spray tan is applied, I advise them to rinse off with warm water six to eight hours later. After the shower and light towel-dry, I recommend applying a moisture-rich lotion to the skin. Hydrated skin keeps the tan long-lasting and healthier looking.

Kate Middleton Spray Tan

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is Queen of self tan

The royal's year round glow is now the top choice for women looking for lovely luminous skin, so it's time to ditch the Essex orange glow and opt for a more sun-kissed look instead. Girls, say hello to the Kate Middle-tan. Yup, the Duchess of Cambridge's skin tone now has it's own nickname since her subtle colour became the most requested spray tan shade.

JLo Spray Tan

Jennifer Lopez

Want that JLo glow? Just spray it on!

Ever wonder why celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston and a once-pale, freckled-faced Lindsay Lohan have a sun-kissed glow all year-round? No not from visiting San Tropez -- it's spray tanning! And you can get the same glistening look they have.

Jennifer Aniston Spray Tan

Jennifer Aniston

Can You Afford to Look Like Jennifer Aniston?

As you may have guessed, Aniston doesn't come by that golden skin tone naturally. She's been spotted coming out of the Ibiza Tanning Salon in West Hollywood, Calif., where an airbrush tan runs $45. The salon recommends coming in every two weeks to maintain your glow.

Anna Paquin Spray Tan

Anna Paquin

How Celebs Get Healthy, Glowing Skin All Year Long

While she’s best known for her role as a vampire on True Blood (no tan needed), Anna Paquin has professed her love for spray tans over and over again. “It’s amazing how different your body looks with a good spray tan,” the actress says. “As anyone facing a job where they’re naked would!” Paquin gets spray-tanned by Hollywood sunless tanning “it girl” Monica Blanco of Colour Couture.

Paula Abdul Spray Tan

Paula Abdul

How Celebs Get Healthy, Glowing Skin All Year Long

Paula Abdul stops by this Manhattan tanning spot whenever she’s working in New York. Here, she and other celebs get customized airbrush tans from technicians who specialize in evening out skin tone and texture. Tans here start at $60.

Patsy Kensit Spray Tan

Patsy Kensit

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

No, your eyes were not deceiving you – Patsy Kensit really did look that sun-kissed during her time in the Celebrity Big brother house, thanks to having secret spray tans while she was there. Yes, the pop star turned actress – who was given her marching orders from the house in Tuesday night’s eviction vote – has admitted getting the once-weekly tanning sessions as part of her contract for the show. ‘I’ve had two spray tans over three weeks because I look like I’ve got consumption where I go really white because I have yellow in my skin,’ she explained. ‘It’s not a pretty sight.’

Katy Perry Spray Tan

Katy Perry

Katy Perry klaar voor Super Bowl

"Vorig jaar was deze eer weggelegd voor Bruno Mars, Katy heeft hem daarom wat berichten gestuurd. "Hallo, exclusief Super Bowl-clublid! Ik vroeg me af of je in L.A. bent deze maand en thee wilt drinken met een collega die op het punt staat over te geven van de zenuwen. Via onze managers heb ik over je proces gehoord, maar ik vroeg me af of je nog tips hebt voor me. Of ik mijn spray tan de nacht ervoor of drie nachten ervoor moet aanbrengen bijvoorbeeld."

Chrissy Teigen Spray Tan

Chrissy Teigen

SI Model Chrissy Teigen Talks About Her 3AM BRONZED Spray Tanning

Oh my god, I landed at two, and I texted my spray tan guy, who I found only because I tweeted and was like, “Who is amazing in Vegas?” They all told me this one guy, Terry, who is absolutely fabulous. I texted him as soon as I landed at two and was like, “I’m so sorry, do you think you could do a tan at 2:30?” and I felt terrible. And he responded, “3 AM is better for me.” Because that is how Vegas operates! I couldn’t believe it!

Mark Wahlberg Spray Tan

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg Strips Down for Spray Tan

Mark Wahlberg knows the importance of practicing safe sun, which is why he opted for a spray tan over the tanning bed ahead of filming his latest flick, Pain and Gain, in Miami on Tuesday. The actor, 40, stood out on his condo's balcony as a spray tan technician made a house call to touch him up. Wearing just black briefs (an homage to his days as 1990s Calvin Klein underwear model Marky Mark), the woman blasted him with an airbrush gun, paying extra attention to making sure his chiseled features were enhanced.

Hayden Panettiere Spray Tan

Hayden Panettiere

Vanessa Hudgens Talks Tanning Tips!

Fellow Neutrogena ambassador Hayden Panettiere is urging everyone to get a fake tan. A fake, spray tan that is. 'My biggest tip for teens when it comes to tanning is don't tan. Don't use the sun. Everyone fakes it nowadays. You know you see these celebrities walking the carpet and they've got these pretty tans. It's fake, fake, fake,” Hayden shared.

Pippa Middleton wedding Spray Tan

Pippa Midleton

Pippa Middleton's 'Royal Mocha' leads the celebrity tan tone scale as the most desirable shade in Britain

Choosing the right shade of fake tan can be a tough decision, but it has been revealed that Pippa Middleton is influencing British women to opt for a ‘Royal Mocha’ tone this summer. Miss Middleton's glow has been named the most desirable skin tone by a new study which discovered the most and least desirable celebrity tans.

Blake Lively Spray Tan

Blake Lively

Blake Lively Has Got it Glowing On! How to Copy Her Golden Look

The couple walked the red carpet at a Deadpool event in N.Y.C. Monday looking happier than ever — and it wasn’t just their smiles that had them glowing. Lively’s hair displayed a freshened-up blonde hue — and her sun-kissed skin glowed brighter than ever from what looks like a fabulous spray tan and some pro contouring work by makeup artist Gucci Westman.

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Miss Earth Australia 2016

Lyndl Kean

IFBB Bikini Athleet

Rachael Bronwyn


Brittney Lee Saunders



Kylie Minogue

Voor & Na
Spray Tan

Actrice Blake Lively voor en na een Spray Tan behandeling
Blake Lively voor en na Spray Tan

Voor & Na
Spray Tan

Mary Kate-Olsen voor en na een Spray Tan behandeling
Mary Kate-Olsen voor en na Spray Tan

Connie Nielsen recalls awkward “naked” encounter with Gal Gadot during ‘Wonder Woman’

“The first time I met Gal I was in the make up trailer inside a tanning tent getting spray tanned – a uniquely clammy experience,” Nielsen said. “I step out of the tent, naked but for a thong, Gal is whipping off her clothes to get into the tent – and that’s where we said hello the first time. Playing her mother added an extra twist to awkward.”

Connie Nielsen | Gal Gadot | Wonder Woman | Spray Tan


Denise Richards Spray Tan
Denise Richards Spray Tan

Denise Richards

Victoria Beckham Spray Tan
Victoria Beckham Spray Tan

Meet Mr Spray Tan, the man who's toning down Mrs Beckham - Dailymail

Now, twice a month at her £15million Beverly Hills mansion, she slips into a white paper thong while he tans her with a high-pressure ‘gun’.

He said that Victoria, 35, ‘understands the danger of sunlight, yet wants a natural, healthy glow.

‘I can make you look 10lb lighter. But in her case, that is not necessary.’

He said he has never tanned David - as he has mainly been abroad.

Kelly Brooke Spray Tan
Kelly Brooke Spray Tan

Kelly Brook’s bronzing beauty secret

Beautiful Brit Kelly Brook, who effortlessly (and enviably) mixes girl-next-door charm with the curves of a silver-screen movie idol, is an undisputed honey.

But like the rest of us, it turns out that this naturally blessed goddess (the new face of Ultimo) still needs a little confidence-boosting beauty help from time to time – especially before going in front of the camera.

See how her prescriptive Spray Tan accentuates that va-va-voom figure? Breathtaking... (Ahem, can we really believe this woman feels the need for beauty assistance?)

Julia Roberts Spray Tan
Julia Roberts Spray Tan

Celebrities' Favourite Places to Get Spray-Tanned in L.A.

The Scoop: Makeup artist and airbrush spray tan expert Amy Rittiner is known for giving Chrissy Teigen, Julia Roberts, and Gwyneth Paltrow their golden glow. She makes house and hotel calls and sets up a tent to spray your skin with a customizable, organic, aloe-based color. Fun fact: Teigen once tweeted a picture of Rittiner giving her a spray tan at her house, naked (naturally), to commemorate reaching 200,000 followers.
Sarah Hyland Spray Tan
Sarah Hyland Spray Tan

The Woman With The Golden Gun: My Afternoon With A Celebrity Spray Tan Artist

My second "...To the Stars" subject is Katrina Brown, an aptly named celebrity spray-tanner and wildly elegant Australian person. Katrina owns two high-end tanning salons Down Under, but relocated to Los Angeles a few years ago after hopping back and forth for a while. Her roster of celeb clientele is impressive, if random: Denise Richards, Nicole Scherzinger, Sarah Hyland, a slew of Real Housewives (Joanna Krupa, Brandi Glanville, Gretchen Rossi), and Janice Dickinson, among others.
Zac Efron Spray Tan
Zac Efron Spray Tan

Meet the Woman Whose Actual Job Is Spray-Tanning Zac Efron

Meet Zac Efron's spray tanner. As in the woman who spray-tans Zac Efron's shirtless, very (and by very, we mean insanely, ridiculously) muscled body. Yes, you read that right. There is a sole career dedicated to making sure Zac is perfectly and evenly bronzed for his new Baywatch movie. So, what does it take to be an expert self-tanner lucky enough to perfectly paint each and every crevice of Zac's physique? A steady hand, a streak-free formula, and of course, a spray bottle filled with water so that he maintains a glistening glow in each shot.
Camille Belle Celeb Spray Tan
Camille Belle Celeb Spray Tan

Camilla Belle Recalls Naked Meeting with Alexa Vega

The 24-year-old actress’s From Prada to Nada co-star, Alexa Vega, recently chatted about meeting Camilla for the first time before they started filming the movie. “They decided they wanted to spray tan us before we had to take off to Mexico. So Camilla and I were suppose to meet in the spray tan room, which is just a hotel room. She wasn’t there so they strip me down and I’m just in a thong,” Alexa recalled. “And then I walk in and I’m like, ‘Oh! Hi! Nice to meet you,’” Camilla shared. “And then she strips down and she’s just in her thong and that’s it,” Alexa added. “And we’re both just standing there. Naked. Staring at each other.”
Dove Cameron Spray Tan
Dove Cameron Spray Tan

Dove Cameron Shares Naked Spray-Tanning Jennifer Aniston Story - TeenVogue

Dove Cameron just met Jennifer Aniston for the first time, and it’s seriously a scene right out of Friends. The 21-year-old Hairspray Live! star took to Twitter on Thursday night (September 7) to share the hilarious encounter with fans.

"You guys i just got spray tanned ((naked)) outside ((in a tent)), at night, in georgia, in a hairnet. and then i met jennifer aniston. so," she wrote. She aptly captioned her Tweet screenshot, "Living my best life." Naturally, we immediately investigated her comments to see if she had any further light to shed on this unusual tale. And while it seemed like that was that, she added one more thing on Twitter. "The only way to meet jennifer aniston," she posted. (Debatable, but kind of amazing.)

Jenna Tatum Spray Tan
Channing Tatum Spray Tan

Jenna Dewan Tatum Just Revealed A Hilarious Secret From The Magic Mike Set

We had a chance to sit down with the actress and dancer (and wife to the movie's lead actor, Channing Tatum) at a Young Living event last night, where she walked us through what it was really like visiting her husband on set of the equally oiled-up sequel, Magic Mike XXL.

"Obviously, they were all about the self-tanning in that movie," she tells Refinery29. "There were quite a few hilarious moments of me walking into the guys’ makeup trailer with socks on... down there, just getting self-tanned by some older lady." (It's worth noting that, at this point in the interview, she flamboyantly pointed downward to indicate that the men wore the socks on their nether regions.) "They would line up and do it one-by-one — it was so funny to walk in on," she adds.

Dewan Tatum was so impressed by the work of Felicia Linsky — the spray tanner behind the movie's bronzed abs and glistening gluteal muscles — in fact, that she decided to hire her herself. "I'm not a big spray-tanner. But then I was like, 'Dang, it does actually accentuate your abs,'" she laughs. "So I did it for Lip Sync Battle. I had the same woman come and do my abs. I was like, 'Make me look like a man in Magic Mike!'"

Matthew McConaughey Spray Tan
Matthew McConaughey Spray Tan

Matthew McConaughey’s Beauty Rules - Marie Claire

The Oscar-winning Texan talks fake tan, fooling the paparazzi and what exactly constitutes a good massage.

I wanted to get in good shape for Magic Mike. After I did, there was a man in town with a mobile tanning service – Jimmy Jimmy Coco. He would come over once a week and spray me down, then make my skin a bit sweaty with baby oil. It was a hoot.

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