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  • Spray Tan Leuven


    Result in line with 6 to 8 tanning bed sessions.
  • Spray Tan Leuven



Your tan, Our Job!

Spray tanning is the healthy, completely safe way to achieve a beautiful and natural looking brown skin!

  • Vani-T Spray Tanning

    Spray Tanning is 'HOT'

    Spraytanning is wildly popular in Australia and America, but also in Europe spraytanning is in full expansion. Our busy lifestyles do not always permit us to enjoy the sun or some tanning bed sessions. Moreover, it is also more common that people have a sensitivity to UV light or for health reasons cannot use a solarium . For all these people, a spray tan treatment can be the ultimate solution.

  • Vani-T Spray Tanning

    A safe alternative for a sun-kissed skin

    A Spray Tan is the safest and most efficient method of sunless tanning. We all know that too much sunbathing or tanning bed visits can cause irreversible damage to your skin. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can lead to premature aging, age spots, and even cancer. A spray tan on the other hand is expertly applied to achieve an even, streak-free tan without the risks associated with UV-rays.

  • Vani-T Spray Tanning

    A fast and even skin tone

    Spray Tanning is also one of the fastest methods of getting that color that you want without having to spend weeks trying to get it outdoors or inside a tanning bed. To that end, a Spray Tan is virtually instantaneous and only takes a few hours for it to fully develop. The entire process takes 30 minutes or less to complete. You can look thinner, healthier and glowing in just one quick trip! This is of course the reason why actrices and models choose a Spray Tan. The models of Victoria Secret, Jennifer Aniston, Kylie Minogue, Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz en Kelly Osbourne are known 'tanning-addicts'.

Spray tan Leuven reviewed by Belmodo.be

In the article 'De beste adresjes voor de spray tan van je dromen' on Belmodo.be
Spray Tan Leuven is named as one of the best Spray Tan addresses by the Style and Fashion Magazine.

The best addresses for the Spray Tan of your dreams

Best addresses according to Belmodo

A spray tan is the ideal solution to obtain a tanned skin without having to look up the sun. Belmodo went looking for the best addresses especially for you! For a good result, it is important that a spray tan is applied with professional material by someone with experience. A good address is therefore essential. We listed a number of them for you!

Spray Tan Leuven

Spray Tan Leuven uses the professional spray tan VANI-T. This Australian brand is known for its natural and organic ingredients. Celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Kylie Minogue are great fans. On their website you will find a lot more information.

Benefits of Spray Tan

The big advantage of spray tan is that everything is applied evenly and evenly. Your legs look naturally tanned, which is less easy to achieve with self tan creams. These often cause stains and other problems.

The full article


A 'fresh-of-the-beach' look in 15 minutes

We use the professional Spray Tan line of Vani-T

Vani-T Spray Tan is an exclusive sunless airbrush and spray tan line from Australia which is admired for being beneficial to the skin, its organic focus and eco-friendly philosphy. VANI-T provides a natural result - no orange legs for us - and stays up to 11 days.

All Vani-T products:

  • Contain the finest native and natural ingredients from all around the world
  • Contain no mineral oils, petrochemicals, parabens or artificial fragrances
  • Have not been subject to animal testing of any kind and are 100% vegan

Vani-T is an Australian brand of spray tanning and personal care products that was quickly picked up by many TV and film personalities, such as Jennifer Aniston, Kylie Minogue, Duncan James, Danni Minogue, etc. and are used at the occasion of the Oscars to give the movie stars a beautiful brown glow as well as the TV hosts of Channel-9 news.

Spray Tan Leuven

The only Spray Tan salon in Leuven certified by VANI-T!

Spray Tan Leuven

6-8x Tanning bed visits

A treatment lasts an average of 15 minutes and the result is in line with average 6 to 8 tanning bed sessions.

Spray Tan Leuven

The Tan of professionals

Vani- T's professional tanning range is greatly appreciated and is much sought after by A-list celebrities , beauty editors and TV shows around the world.

Spray Tan Leuven

Organic and natural

VANI -T spray tan uses the world's top quality natural and organic ingredients to ensure an excellent tan-without-sun experience.

Spray Tan Leuven


No orange complexion, long lasting and gradually fading, an authentic honey brown color, no odor, whilst at the same time intensely moisturizing.

Spray Tan Leuven


The dark shade of a tan conceals cellulite (and not browning process itself). A dark skin indeed masks the skin's surface structure more than a lighter skin.

Spray Tan Leuven

For who?

Spray tanning can be ideal to provide you the whole year with a summer-tan, but can also be used for special occasions like a wedding or just to hide your white skin.

Man & woman Spray Tan

Manual Spray Tan

Full Body or Partial Body

We spray tan your entire body manually or just certain parts if wanted. The color intensity can be adjusted to your skin tone as to achieve a natural tanning result.

Why a manual Spray Tan?

  • No 'Ross scenes' as seen in Friends
  • We can also spray the difficult to reach places
  • The color can be custom blended
  • You have the possibility to ask questions
  • All professional Celebrity tanners spray manually

Spray Tanning is 'in'

Spraytanning is in

Your summer tan has already faded or even disappeared completely. Or you just want a healthy tan. The solarium you don't visit since you're too busy in your daily life. Spray tanning provides the solution. You should go to a party and you want a quick tan? With spray tanning you have within 8 hours a healthy, even tan.

More and more people are aware of the dangers of excessive sunbathing . Nevertheless, everyone wants a nice, even tan. Spray tanning is a healthy way to quickly get that nice tan.

A fast and safe bronzed skin!


Spraytanning is a natural, nurturing and safe alternative to achieve that impeccable and breathtaking complexion. The results are truly amazing. A treatment takes about 15-20 minutes and the result corresponds to an average of six to eight tanning sessions.

The color remains for about 6 to 11 days, of course depending on your own skin and the personal care products you use.

Spray Tan Tattoo

Tanning tattoo

You prefer no needles in your body, but still want to see if an image on your body would please you ... Or you just want a tattoo to go to a party and to make your tanning show even more? Then an airbrush tattoo is the perfect solution! Before the tanning we apply a template (sticker) to your body. After treatment and drying, we remove the sticker and you will have a temporary tattoo.

  • Choice of different templates;
  • Lasts until the tan disappears;
  • Not permanent.

Manual Spray Tan

Manuele Spray Tan Leuven

We only work with a manual Spray Tan technique, which allows for spray tanning in small cavities at the arms and legs. Therefore:

  • The chance of striping is minimal
  • The color is distributed evenly
  • We can custom mix the VANI-T Spray color tones to the customer's wishes (such as a special bridal tint)
  • No Ross scenes like the iconic scene from Friends

With VANI-T Spray Tan, we custom mix the solution for you and only for you! Our Spray Tan specialists mix the color to your desire. We spray your customized Spray Tan color in a professional and professional manner.

Conceals cellulite and slims visually

Spray Tan woman beach

A brown skin has a camouflaging effect on any unevenness of your skin, such as cellulite, striae or veins! But a brown skin not only makes you more beautiful just by its color! Research shows that you also look slimmer with some color ... 30% of women feel slimmer if they have a brown skin. That's why we always look our best in the summertime!

  • Spray Tanning will have a camouflage effect on cellulite
  • Spray Tanning obscures strains
  • Spray Tanning conceals veins
  • Research shows that a tanned skin makes a woman seem on average 3.5 kilos slimmer

In the Media: Women's Health

Women's health on spraytan

Hello Spring! Women's Health magazine names the fastest lifts for skin, hair and nails. How did you come out ready for Skirt-Day? Polish those nails. Take a food facial of Dr. Alkaitis. Take a bioslimming body wrap. Wax your bikini line: take a brazilian wax. And finally: Get tan with a spray tan!

The spray tan is according to Women's Health magazine the best, fastest and most effective way to go from winter white legs to brown shiny stilts.

Photoshoots with our Spray Tan

FAQ spray tan

Vrouw met spray tan
  • Scrub your entire body. Failing to exfoliate before spray tanning can result in blotchy patches of dye on rough areas.
  • Don't shave or wax the day of your Spray Tan; Avoid razors with a gel strip.
  • Avoid creams, deodorant, parfum, skin lotions and moisturizers that could interfere with the spray tan adhering to the skin.
  • Consider bringing loose-fitting clothing which is black or another dark color. No jewelry.
Vrouw spraytanned Once the Spray Tan has been rinsed off in the shower, it will not stain your clothes or linen. During the application time of the Spray Tan (i. e., before your shower), your Spray Tan can lightly rub off on your clothes, but it's easy to wash out. Pay attention with silk, cotton or light colours. That's why it is advisable to wear dark and loose clothing after the Spray Tan treatment.

We only spray tan manually (airbrush-tanning)!

  • We can custom mix the color.
  • The color is spread out evenly even on difficult to reach places.
  • We prefer a personal contact where you as a customer have the opportunity to ask questions.

The above points are exactly the reason why Spray Tan professionals in the US and Australia (the birth place of Spray Tan) generally use the manual Spray Tan technique!

VANI-T Spray Tan

We only use the professional Spray-Tan range of VANI-T.

VANI-T products have won several awards and are recommended by Beauty magazines and blogs. Countless celebrities, make-up professionals and models from all over the world use VANI-T products based on the quality of the brand.

More info is available here.

Man spraytanned Men do spray tan, often for the same reasons that women do: to appear thinner, feel more confident, and look younger and healthier. And yes, also a man has to scrub to achieve the best result! The same 'rules' apply as for women, so no deodorant, parfums, no shaving the day itself, etc.

Zonneproduct op vrouwOf course you can sunbath when having a Spray Tan. However, a spray tan offers no protection from UVA or UVB rays, so you will still tan but Use a sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from sun damage.

Spray Tan billenWhen professional Tanning products are applied (we use the nr.1 professional Spray Tan: VANI-T) spray tans and self-tanners don't make people look streaky and orange.

Animal friendly

Absolutely no animal testing and 100% vegan

No chemicals

VANI-T doesn not cotain harmful preservatives or chemicals

Environmentally friendly

VANI-T values people, animals and the environment


VANI-T formulates only natural based products

We wish only the best for our clients Therefore we have chosen VANI-T


VANI-T comes from the birth place of Spray Tan


Wedding Spray Tan

A great looking tan on your wedding day will show off your wedding dress even more! Contact us with your wishes!

Our Spray Tan Salon will take care of your tan on your wedding day!

Fitness & Sports

We spray tan of course fitness competitors for a contest or other athletes who need a quick and safe color.

We spray tan athletes before a major competition


Party Time

An event or a "Big Party" where you want to shine? A golden brown color always gives you the extra attention!

Contact our spray tan studio to make an appointment.

Holiday Spray Tan

Arriving with white legs? A "great pre-beach-tan" before arriving at your holiday destination!

A beautiful and natural tan when you arrive ... don't forget your sunlotion though!

Thin, sleek look

Hot Date

That "Hot Date" you - naturally - want to impress? Spray-Tan-It!

A golden brown tan gives you a relaxed, sleek look ...

Photoshoot Spray Tan

We also style models and candidates to Miss elections for assignments and / or contests.

A Spraytan for your stage presence will make you look your best ... also on photos and videos.

VANI-T in the Belgian media

GETEST. Braziliaans bruin in een half uurtje

Om elf uur 's ochtends heb ik een afspraak met de verdelers van Vani-T (spreek uit: vanity) ... Nadat de bronzer is afgewassen, hou ik een mooi kleurtje over, eentje van het soort dat vraagt om korte rokjes. Mijn huid is zacht door de aloë vera in de producten en ik zie nergens strepen, zelfs niet onder mijn oksels.

De beautytest: spraytan

De spraytans van Vani-T bevatten natuurlijke en organische ingrediënten en vooral géén minerale olie, parabenen, kunstmatige kleurstoffen en zijn niet op dieren getest. Ik deed het een dag voor mijn vakantie en stap een stuk meer zelfverzekerd mijn bikini in. Met een kleurtje lijk je altijd net dat tikje slanker (en gladder: waar is mijn cellulite naartoe?)

The Spray Tan of Vani-T in the international media